Training Sessions

Training Sessions and Motivational Speaking

Ratho6I offer a range of training sessions, conference presentations and motivational speeches on:

  • Scottish Access Rights
  • Biosecurity in Outdoor Recreation
  • Rural Tourism
  • The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a potential booking, or just want more details about my presentations.

Scottish Access Rights

This training session explains the key points that people working in the outdoors in Scotland need to know about Scottish access rights. Guides, instructors and rangers should be aware of their rights and responsibilities when leading groups in the outdoors, and be able to pass on their knowledge of our access system to those in their care.

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<< A very useful topic for me, as whilst I have a working knowledge of access rights in England & Wales, I had lost touch with all the changes in Scotland. It’s potentially a dry topic to deliver, but Mike kept it interesting and engaging. >>

Biosecurity in Outdoor Recreation

Invasive non-native species (INNS) are an increasing threat to our environment, economy and health, and we all run the risk of inadvertently transporting harmful plant and animal species whenever we travel. This risk is particularly high when we take part in outdoor activities, especially on water.

Wireweed on west coast of Scotland

Wireweed on west coast of Scotland

An awareness of INNS, and a few habitual and simple biosecurity precautions, can greatly reduce your risk of spreading something to a previously uninfected site.

This presentation looks at the legal implications, ways to check, clean and dry your equipment and the main species to be aware of.

It is aimed at individual participants in outdoor activities, as well as those involved professionally and in a position to pass on their knowledge and skills to others.

Rural Tourism

Look around rural Britain and you will see some terrific examples of tourism diversification projects. I offer a range of presentations aimed at helping anyone looking to set up a new tourism venture, or wanting to breath new life into an existing business.

I can provide a range of talks from a short after-dinner presentation of around 15 minutes up to a 3-hour training session, and am able to address aspects such as adventure tourism, cycling tourism and farm diversification.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

2015-06-26 13.11.50

TV and radio news programmes appear to have an increasing number of items about the benefits of taking regular exercise. Exercise has suddenly become the new wonder medicine. For good reason.

Hear the amusing story about how I set myself a daunting target, built regular daily exercise into my routine and manage to stay motivated.

You don’t have to run a marathon or cycle the length of the country, but you will pick up some simple tips from this motivational presentation and should be able to make positive changes to your own life.

Employers – imagine your entire workforce enjoying the benefits of increased activity, having more energy and becoming more alert.

This presentation can be adapted for clubs, societies, workplaces, conferences and after-dinner presentations.

For more information please contact Mike via or phone 01738 500 809 or 07798 823 476.