I offer marketing advice to tourism businesses looking to develop some aspect of adventure or outdoor activity tourism as part of their service.  For example, accommodation providers looking to attract walkers, cyclists, canoeists and/or runners to their establishment can call on my services to advise them on:

  • Recreational patterns in their area;
  • What facilities and services active tourists are looking for;
  • How to raise awareness of your business amongst participants in the target activities; and
  • How to build a reputation within the adventure travel community.

Open canoeing on the River Tay


Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is expanding rapidly in Scotland and your business could be benefiting from all that action.  Contact me to discuss your particular circumstances and I will work with you to devise a plan for your business to tap into this exciting branch of tourism.


Cycle Tourism
I have some particularly innovative ideas for accommodation businesses looking to attract cyclists to their establishments. If you would like to discuss ways in which I might help your hotel, guest house, hostel or campsite to attract more cyclists then please get in touch.

Read my blog article on Cycle Tourism – 15th August 2012.

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Farm TourismCranedale                                                                                                  Farmers are increasingly diversifying into tourism and recreation related businesses in order to generate new income streams. I am able to help anyone considering setting up a tourism enterprise of this kind by working with you and highlighting the sectors of the tourism industry that your farm business might be able to accommodate. Whether you are just looking for practical ideas for a new venture or looking for someone to project manage a diversification project, please give me a call to discuss your requirements.


Tourism Research
I am also available for carrying out a wide range of tourism research. Whether your research needs are related to domestic or overseas tourism, and concerned with marketing or some other aspect of your business, I will be happy to discuss your research needs with you.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss your requirements. My contact details are at the top of the page.

Collaborative Working

I regularly team-up with other consultants to jointly bid for pieces of work. This has the combined benefits of offering the client a broader set of skills and the satisfaction I take from working alongside some very talented professionals.

Over the last four years I have worked on several projects with Sandy Slater of Slater Business Services and found that our skills and experience form an ideal complement to each other. The second testimonial below is from a recent project that Sandy and I worked on together.


<< I am delighted with your Marketing Report for our Lodge which I have just read; it gives us the focus and processes to implementation that we needed to kick start a more targeted marketing approach. >>

<< Sandy and Mike put a great deal of work into our feasibility study, and it is much appreciated. The resulting document has been a great asset to our community trust. It has helped inspire us, and given good practical ideas and projects we would not otherwise have thought of. It has also helped raise the profile and subsequently support for the construction of an essential piece of cycling infrastructure, and helped create a local buzz about cycling. This report really has given the community a boost. Thanks Sandy and Mike! >>