Scottish Access Rights Training Course

Scottish Access Rights can be exercised commercially, for profit and for education; but, if you work in any of these sectors, do you really know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to leading groups in the outdoors?

I present a short course that is designed to help you understand Scotland’s access system and provide you with the knowledge and confidence to explain it to other people.  The full course consists of a 3-hour training session, but I can reduce this to any length you require for a given audience.

Please contact me to discuss arrangements for a bespoke training session in Scottish Access Rights.

I am able to provide a training session for:

  •   Commercial operators
  •   Outdoor instructors
  •   Seasonal staff
  •   Wildlife tour guides
  • Nature reserve wardens
  • Countryside Rangers
  • Accommodation providers
  • Outdoor Education students

A better understanding of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 and Scottish Outdoor Access Code will be of huge benefit to anyone working in the outdoors in Scotland, and will provide you with confidence if questioned by a client or pupil, or if challenged by someone over your rights.

For more information please contact Mike via or phone 01738 500 809.


<< A very useful topic for me, as whilst I have a working knowledge of access rights in England & Wales, I had lost touch with all the changes in Scotland. It’s potentially a dry topic to deliver, but Mike kept it interesting and engaging. >>