As a business or charity that is about to spend hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pounds to produce your glossy flyer, in-house magazine or website, can you afford to let it go out without checking for glaring but easily missed errors?

The good name of your business is at stake and mistakes can be costly to put right, not to mention the damage to your reputation for quality work. For a realistic cost I can proofread your message before it goes live. This would be a small cost to protect your credibility.


Please contact Big Pond Scotland if you would like me to proofread the text of a document, leaflet, website, advert or menu.  I will be happy to discuss your work with you, no matter how small the job may be.


From my experience in the Scottish hills I have a good knowledge of Gaelic hill names and can spot a spelling error even in the longest of Gaelic names.

As I was preparing this page I stumbled upon a scientific website that mentioned “a pain staking process of research”. It would appear that all their painstaking research was let down by not checking that sentence!

If you want further evidence of the importance of good spelling and grammar, in this case on websites, then take a couple of minutes to read this article on the BBC website.  Errors on websites certainly put me off, and most people I have discussed this with say they feel the same way.  Please get in touch if you would like me to proofread your website.


Even ski area managers require a proofreader

As well as checking for spelling and grammatical errors in a document or website, I am also able to suggest ways of improving the structure and flow of your writing.  I also provide a copywriting service for anyone who would like me to produce text for their marketing campaigns or webpages.


<< I just wanted to share with you a lovely compliment from a pretty big commercial client who had been passed a copy of the report you helped me with recently.

Apart from being impressed with the content, the client said how impressed they were with “such a well communicated and written report”, which he said stood head and shoulders above most consultants’ reports they see. >>