Time to review your sporting year

I always regard December as a month for looking back and reviewing the year that is about to end. There are several reasons for doing that. Firstly to remind myself what I’ve achieved in the year and then to re-play and enjoy the memories once again. It’s also a chance to compare those achievements with the targets I set for the year, and that review process feeds into my planning for the year ahead.

December is also the month when we come together as a nation to review the sporting year via the annual BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) awards. I’ve been an avid SPOTY viewer since I was about 7-years-old and must have voted almost every year since then – originally by sending a postcard and more recently by texting my vote.

It’s great to look back at the sporting success of our Olympians, Wimbledon winners, premier league footballers and so on, but how often do we look back and assess our own, more modest, sporting achievements?

As well as considering which of the 16 sporting heroes to vote for this year, I’m encouraging everyone, from the youngest junior parkrunner to Olympic gold medallist, to share on social media their own personal sporting highlight of 2016. There is one simple rule to this challenge – it has to be your own achievement. Your favourite team winning the cup doesn’t count. You completing your first ever parkrun or scoring a hat-trick in a local 5-a-side tournament does count.

The way to take part is to post one picture that tells the story of your sporting highlight alongside the hashtags: #mysportinghighlightof2016in1picture and/or #MSH2016.

Right, it’s time to choose my own sporting highlight of 2016. Is it going to be completing the Cape Wrath Marathon in May, getting a decent time in the UK’s first ever Vertical Kilometre race at Kinlochleven in September or completing my round of Corbetts (climbing all 222 Scottish mountains between 2,500 feet and 3,000 feet) in October? Easy decision. Definitely the final Corbett. That was the completion of a long-term challenge and culmination of some absolutely stunning days out in the mountains.

I hope you too will have fun choosing your own personal sporting highlight and can’t wait to see how many people take part in this fun activity. I certainly look forward to viewing your pictures and seeing what you’ve achieved in 2016.

As for who I’m going to vote for in SPOTY2016; that’s a tough one. It’s certainly been a great year for sport, but I really haven’t decided who to vote for yet.

2014-12-14 18.50.01

SPOTY2014 in Glasgow. A fantastic experience to see it live.

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