Cycling Tourism

Cycling Tourism

I’ve just read a couple of online articles that have caused me to pause and consider the way in which the majority of businesses in the accommodation sector are missing a golden opportunity to benefit from the growth in cycling tourism.

First of all, this article on the Sustrans website shows the sheer size of the cycle tourism market. “Leisure and tourism cycling on the National Cycle Network supports over 15,000 jobs and directly contributes £650m to the economy each year.” And that’s just “on the National Cycle Network”. Imagine how much leisure and tourism cycling is worth across the whole country, on and off the National Cycle Network.

How much effort are businesses in the accommodation sector making to appeal to this market and offer a genuine service to cyclists?

That brings me to the second article I’ve been reading. The website carries this interesting report on the efforts being made by the Future Inn Cardiff Bay to be cyclist-friendly.

Reading these two reports in quick succession, I wonder why more accommodation providers aren’t recognising the opportunity presented to them by the cycling tourism market and taking steps to attract cyclists to their businesses.

There’s a whole range of small actions that an accommodation provider can take that will add up to providing a great experience for any cyclist choosing to stay overnight. Provide a “must visit” experience and cyclists will talk about it positively on social media. The word will soon spread.

Whether you run a hotel, guest house, bunkhouse or campsite, there are a few simple steps you can take to raise your profile amongst cyclists and have them pedalling to your door.

I can help you take the necessary steps to provide a really great service to cyclists and open up an exciting new market for your business. Contact me for an informal chat about ways in which I can assist you in the area of cycling tourism.

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