Scotland needs to protect landscape to continue to inspire young minds

Well said Jim Crumley. “Too high a price for Scotland to pay” (July 31). I agree with every point he makes and would like to add these two arguments in support of his case.

Jim’s point about energy conservation is very well made. Whilst the big energy companies don’t like energy conservation, politicians should realise it represents an efficient means of reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, compared to onshore wind farms it would be far more popular with the public and provide a much greater boost to local employment.

The strap line for the London Olympics is “Inspire a generation”. A truly worthwhile and creditable aim, and given the success of our Olympians these games should kick start a lasting sporting legacy. But what of the legacy in terms of inspiring a generation to go out and enjoy healthy outdoor recreation in the Scottish countryside? With so many of the mountains and rivers that have provided my generation with pleasure over the last 40 years or so being threatened with a future under concrete and steel, I fear there will no longer be a wild and beautiful countryside to inspire and make us proud of our country. I remember my teens and being inspired to explore Scotland’s wild places. It is very sad that greed and misguided government policies are threatening to rob future generations of spectacular landscapes that need protection like never before if Scotland is to continue inspiring young minds.

I wholeheartedly support Jim Crumley’s suggestion of having a 100% cut in subsidies for onshore wind farms. Invest instead in energy conservation and let’s inspire a generation to enjoy the land in Scotland by putting a stop to the Scottish government’s policy of paying greedy investors to destroy our cherished landscapes.

Published in The Courier on Monday 13th August, 2012.