Have you ever read a company brochure or website and been left wondering what their message is? Or for that matter, what they are trying to sell?

Rambling paragraphs, confusing sentences and inappropriate words just encourage the reader to pick up the next leaflet or click on a competitor’s website.

Does your business have a story to tell, or product to sell?

Let me compose the words for you. I will keep it focused, logical and engaging.

From a two-word slogan to a twenty-page website, I can produce creative writing that will capture your readers’ attention and create the desired image for your company.

I can also check through your existing website with a view to correcting any errors and suggesting ways of sharpening up the text. Don’t let a few careless lines on your website lead to lost business. Give me a call today and I will provide you with a quote for “checking and sharpening” the content of your site.


<< I like the flow of it, a lot! >>

<< We have been flat out at the hotel – best season so far. >>