LEJOG 2013

LEJOG 2013

It’s time for a big challenge. Time for a big journey.

I always wanted to be a Munroist and to complete the Furths (English, Welsh and Irish peaks over 3,000 feet). If that was my hill walking ambition, the challenge of becoming an end-to-ender by cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) has grown on me over the last few years and become my equivalent cycling ambition. During the winter months a great deal of thought went into LEJOG and the decision was taken to make an attempt on the classic cycle ride in the second half of May this year.
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Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Trail

I recently carried out two days consultancy work for Scottish Canals as they prepared a funding bid to the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN). The bid for CSGN support to develop a Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Trail has now been submitted and is in the hands of the assessors. This has the potential to be a really great project, so I hope that it wins CSGN backing. Continue reading

Run Challenge 2012

Christmas is a good time for looking back over the past year and reflecting on what you managed to achieve. From a work perspective I look back on 2012 as the year I set up Big Pond Scotland. As the year draws to a close I’m pleased to have some good work coming in and the prospect of some exciting projects coming up in 2013.

From the point of view of getting outdoors and being active, I set a personal challenge this year of running at least one race in every calendar month of the year. It was mission accomplished with most of December to spare.
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Quality in Tourism

In this blog post I’m looking at the 3W’s. Websites, Wallace Monument and Wind farms. The theme – quality in tourism.

I’ve just completed a major piece of work proofreading and copy-editing three websites for a client in the adventure tourism sector. Grammatical and spelling errors on websites have put me off purchasing a product or staying somewhere in the past, so it is good to see business people who recognise the benefit in having their websites checked over for potential business-losing errors. Quality in tourism begins when someone picks up your leaflet or clicks onto your website, not when they walk through your door. Sloppiness on your leaflet or website could ensure they never come close to your door.
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Cycle Tourism

If you provide some form of tourism accommodation have you considered what you could be doing to make your business more appealing to cyclists?

With the post-Olympics buzz still ringing in our ears, now is a really great time for accommodation providers to give some serious thought to attracting cyclists to their hotels, guest houses, hostels and campsites.There are lots of things you can do to get yourself noticed by cyclists and to provide them with the services and facilities they will expect from a cycle-friendly establishment.
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Inspired by the Olympics

As a sports fan I thought the London Olympics were totally amazing and inspirational. I hope that people of all ages and from all walks of life will be enthused to be more active as a result of what we have just experienced.

Whether it be people being encouraged to take up competitive disciplines of sport or the many forms of non-competitive activities is irrelevant. What matters is that far more people become far more active in a way that they enjoy and feel motivated to continue way into the future.
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Which is Britain’s Toughest Half Marathon?

Fiona and I ran the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon on Saturday and thorougly enjoyed it. With three big climbs, the Wolds Half isn’t the kind of course for setting a PB, but when your PBs were all 20+ years ago that isn’t going to be your main factor for choosing a race in which to participate.

The mixture of a challenging course, beautiful rural surroundings and reputation for a good atmosphere attracted us to this race, and despite the associated Bishop Wilton Show being cancelled this year due to the show field being too wet, we had a really enjoyable run.
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Sloppy spelling costs millions

I recently had the pleasure of carrying out a piece of proofreading work for someone in the outdoor industry. It took me a couple of hours and although there were no bad spelling errors or grammatical howlers, there were quite a few inconsistencies that the author had failed to spot for himself.

I was sent a copy of the final report a few days later and now have the satisfaction of knowing the submitted version was greatly improved as a result of the proofreading service that I offer through Big Pond Scotland.
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Active Travel – The Time Has Come

I’ve just spent a very informative day at the National Active Travel conference in Glasgow. Reflecting on the day a couple of hours after getting home I thought the presentations were inspirational, whilst being realistic at the same time. For me the talks by David Sim and David Ubaka were of particular note and I will make an effort to follow what the two of them do over the coming years.

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